So far, the most important step in the fight against the Corona virus is scientific studies.


 The second priority is social measures. A new artificial intelligence developed will analyze scientific papers to facilitate the study of the corona virus. 

As the outbreak of the Corona virus continues to spread, scientists are continuing to work to solve the whole mystery of the virus and develop a cure. A common pool of studies on the corona virus and the use of these resources by all scientists can help find solutions to the virus outbreak faster.

A new artificial intelligence developed in the US will make it easier for scientists to find work on the corona virus. Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) in Seattle, USA, announced at a White House press conference that he had met with several institutions to conduct an artificial intelligence study called COVID-19 open research dataset (CORD-19).

The CORD-19 artificial intelligence project is based on AI2's Semantic Scholar Project. CORD-19 is used to analyze every scientific paper ever written on the corona virus species. The goal in the project is to enable researchers to better analyze and understand articles about the corona virus.

About the outbreak of Corona virus which may cause the emergence of new insights and approaches to CORD-19 initiative Initiative Zuckerberg Chan, Georgetown University, Security and Emerging Technology Center, Microsoft Research, the National Library of Medicine and Google's machine learning and data science community is being developed by the partnership Kaggle.

The CORD-19 artificial intelligence study, which will easily bring corona virus studies before and analyze scientists, could facilitate treatment and vaccine studies to be developed against the virus outbreak. The study looks likely to shorten scientists ' scientific paper screening processes by making them much more efficient.